A Middle-aged Woman ...

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A middle-aged woman lost her balance and fell out of a window into a garbage can. Mulla Nasrudin,

passing remarked: ”Americans are very wasteful. THAT WOMAN WAS GOOD FOR TEN YEARS

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Mulla Nasrudinâ€â...

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Mulla Nasrudin’s wife was a candidate for the state legislature And this was the last day of


”My, I am tired,” said Mulla Nasrudin as they returned to their house after the whole day’s work. ”I

am almost ready to drop.”

”You tired!” cried his wife. ”I am the one to be tired. I made fourteen speeches today.”

”I KNOW,” said Nasrudin, ”BUT I HAD TO LISTEN TO THEM.”
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Boy: I Love You. Gi...

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Boy: I Love you.

Girl: What if i say I Love you too?

Boy: Main khushi se jaan de dunga.

Girl: jaa nahi kehti. Jee le apni zindgi.
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Larki Mandir Me-Hey ...

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Larki Mandir Me-Hey Bhagwan

Kisi Samajhdar Aadmi Se Meri Shadi Karwa Do


Ghar Chali Ja Beti

Samajhdar Aadmi Kabhi Shadi Hi Nahi Karte

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1 Car Se Tota Tkra K...

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1 Car Se Tota Tkra K Behos Ho Gya 1 Admi Tota ko Ghr le Gya Pinzre Me Rakha khana Diya

Tb Tota Jag k Bola AAILA JAIL?Car Ka Drivr Mr Gya kya?
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Q: Difference Betwee...

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Q: Difference between a man buying a lottery and a man arguing with his wife? A: A man buying a lottery has a chance to win!
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'Girl”s Father: Me N...

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'Girl”s father: Me nhi chata meri

baiti apni saari zindagi ek gadhe

k saath guzaar de.

Boy: Bas isi liye me uss ko yaha

se le jaane aaya hoon'
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Girl : Arey Itna Bar...

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Girl : Arey itna bara munh mein kaise daloon gi.

Boy : Jaldi se munh kholo.

Girl : Oops sare kapray geelay ho gaye.

Boy : Aur lo gee.

Girl: NA baba na yeh Gool Gapey tum he kahoo.
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'MUNNA BHAI Visits M...

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'MUNNA BHAI visits Mysore palace.

CIRCUIT: bhai us kursi par mat baithna.

MUNNA: kaiku ?

CIRCUIT: wo tipu sultan ki he bhai.

MUNNA: tension kaiku leta he re maamu ?

aayega to uth jaunga re ,i shappath !!!'
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Lady To Inspector Sa...

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Lady to inspector Santa: My husband

went to buy potatoes 5 days ago, he

hasn't come back yet!

Santa: Why don't u cook something

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Teacher: Translate –...

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Teacher: Translate – Bazaar mein goliyan chal rahi hain.

Santa: The Tablets are walking in the market.
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Funny Diwali SMS Jok...

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Funny Diwali SMS Jokes

This Is To Formally announce that I have started accepting Diwali gifts by CASH, CHEQUES & CREDIT CARD etc. Avoid last day rush. Send now!
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Sambha: Sardar, Is T...

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Sambha: Sardar, Is Thakur Ka Kya Karna Hai

Gabbar: Is Saale Ke Dono Haath Kaat Do

Aur Isko Din Mein 03 Baar Blu Film Dikhao

Apne Aap Tadap Tadap Kar Mar Jaayega lol xD
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1. One tip out

2. Ghar me ball gayi to out,jo marega vo lekar


3. Common dono taraf se batting karega ,BUT YR

FIELDING B KARNI PADEGI. 4. Try catch out tha.

5. Spin daal fast ni ho rhi h.

6. No ball aur wide k run nhi h.

7.Ball khone par paise dene padenge

Amazing yr.
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Mulla Nasrudin Was T...

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Mulla Nasrudin was testifying in Court. He noticed that everything he was being taken down by the

court reporter. As he went along, he began talking faster and still faster. Finally, the reporter was

frantic to keep up with him.


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